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Re: Parakeet care help?

I would stick to the first cage...The larger the better, and flight cages are great for Budgies...I'm assuming when you say "Parakeet" you mean a Budgie? Or is it a larger species of Parakeet? If he/she is a small, regular "Parakeet" like you normally see, then that's a Budgie...Just want to make sure what parrot species you got...

Congrats on your new family member, even though it wasn't expected...Please read Noodle's post above to you, as it is full of very, very important information about owning ANY species of parrot, such as throwing out all pots and pans that have a non-stick coating that contains Teflon or other Fluorinated Compounds such as PFOA, PFTE,
etc. This is not optional, and it will not work to simply put your bird's cage in a room separate from the kitchen with the door shut, they die instantly from breathing in the fumes from Teflon heating up and off-gassing, and the fumes go everywhere.
Also, no household cleaners (regular ones), candles, incense, etc. The pots and pans are usually the biggest change, you must switch to Ceramic non-stick, cast-iron, stainless, or real copper...

As far as a Budgie's diet goes, this is going to depend on what your Budgie was weaned-onto as a baby...Where did the Budgie come from? Do you know how old he/she is? If your new Budgie came from a pet shop like Petco/PetSmart etc., then it was weaned onto a seed mix and not pellets, and a lot of Budgie breeders even do this, unfortunately, so you can't just switch him/her to pellets, as they won't eat it...

With Budgies, what is important is that you're feeding a proper seed-mix that is high in quality (NOT FROM WALMART OR A GROCERY STORE, BUT RATHER FROM PETCO, PETSMART, OR ANOTHER BIRD OR PET SHOP), and that is the correct size for them, as they can't eat a lot of the larger seeds, nuts, legumes, corn, etc. that larger parrots can eat, nor shoud they eat that stuff anyway...Seed-Mix brands such as Zupreem, Tropimix, Volkman's, LaFabre Pelletberries (not Nutriberries, they're treats), and Kaytee Exact are just some of the better seed mixes for Budgies. And as Laura said, in addition to making sure he/she always has fresh seeds in their cage, you need to also give him/her fresh veggies and dark, leafy greens every single day (EVERYTHING BUT ONIONS, LEEKS, OR CHIVES) and then fresh Fruit as an occasional treat (EVERYTHING BUT AVOCADO AND CITRUS FRUIT LIKE ORANGES)...And if you want to slowly switch him/her over to a healthy Budgie pellet-staple you can try Harrisons, Tops, Zupreem, etc., but it will take time...Budgies do really well on a seed-mix staple as long as they are also getting fresh veggies and dark, leafy greens every single day as well...My first Budgie live to be almost 19, so they can live a very long time with proper care and love...

Also, make sure that he/she has a Cuttlebone, a Mineral Block, and then lots and lots of different types of toys in his/her cage, they love all the cheaper plastic bird toys they sell at the pet shops, along with the shredding toys that are made of thick paper and look like "finger traps" that you can buy at Petco or PetSmart...6-10 toys at any given time, another reason you need as large a cage as you can afford...
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