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Re: More on pet store prices..

Well, again, it's because of where you're located in the US...The further south you drive, the cheaper the prices in both bird shops and especially from private breeders get. That's why I drove 9 hours to get Kane, I would have paid around $1,000 for him (Senegal) in PA or NJ, but in NC I paid $400...Kane's breeder told me it's because of the massive number of parrot breeders in the area, he told me Georgia and Florida are the least expensive states to buy a parrot from a breeder because there are just so many breeders and shops...And he was right. I've checked out some shops in FL and some private breeders in Georgia and Florida, and their prices are less than half of what they would be in PA, OH, NJ, NY, etc. And if you even look on the Craigslist pages, the further south you go the crazier the "re-homing" fees on parrots get...There are so many Green Cheek Conures being sold and re-homed down south that you can buy a hand-raised baby for the same price as a Cockatiel up north...
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