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Texas Freeze Dried Chop success

Nike doesn't eat veggies. I purchased some freeze dried chop from Texas Natural Freeze Dried. It's not cheap and I probably wasted a third of it experimenting but I think I found the formula for Nike

What seems to work is taking about a half to two thirds of a tablespoon of the finely chopped chop and mixing it with apple juice to hydrate it. I tried serving it dry, Hydrated with water, then coconut water, then red palm oil but it was the apple juice that seems to have done the trick. I also heat in in the microwave for 10 seconds. Here's the results....5 days in a row now. I leave it out all day and she comes back to it.

I would like to find a healthier juice, I am using some 100% juice, no added sugar but I'd like to find something with absolutely no additives to try....any suggestions?
Bill and Nike,

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