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Re: Biggest mistake of my life...or best thing I've ever done.

Quote: Originally Posted by clark_conure View Post
EllenD of course your right but I'd be carrying any germs from one to the other anyways....besides...It's christmas. So far getting better reaction holding new guy on the hand and clark on the shoulder...they tend to look more interested and less "macho".

I wasn't trying to be critical or anything, I know what it's like when you bring a new family member home...I only worry about pet shops. The problem is that you walking back and forth from one to the other has nothing to do with them having direct contact with each other when it comes to the really nasty Avian Viral Diseases, you don't "carry" a lot of the really bad ones that we think about with new, young birds, they go straight from bird-to-bird, such as PBFD...That's why I always do the quarantine, specifically because of that one, ABV, PDD, Polyoma, etc. The big ones that the little guys get from their breeders/parents/aviary birds...
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