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Re: Do conure sounds change as they mature?

Yoda only made funny little goblin sounds when he was a baby. His noises became more whistly, more high-pitched, louder, and more distinct as he got older. He still sometimes makes little mumbly goblin noises when he is sleepy, but not very often. Instead, he has a few sounds that he likes to say most often.

He says "Hi Yoda" most often, he says a noise that sounds an awful lot like "Kon'nichiwa" a lot, even though we've never tried teaching him Japanese. I have no idea what he is trying to say with that.

He also makes other sounds consistently that I think are his attempts to say other phrases like "Gesundheit" when someone sneezes, or "Fire in the hole" (his pooping command), or "I love you". But nobody would ever guess that's what he is saying, except that he says them in context. His version of I Love You sounds more like "Chewy Chew!"
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