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Re: Do conure sounds change as they mature?

Congrats on your new baby Green Cheek!

8 weeks-old is extremely young for a Green Cheek (I'm hoping that he's fully-weaned off of the hand-feeding formula and you are not still hand-feeding him). So you're going to see many, many changes in your bird as times goes on. Green Cheeks hit puberty at around 1 year-old, give or take a couple of months, and that's also about the time they go through their first molt, which is the largest molt they will ever go through, and his feather colors/markings will change once he finishes that first molt...They all experience color changes after that first molt, some more than others; a Pineapple-Turquoise will most-likely go through some pretty dramatic color changes, as do the Yellow-Sided Green Cheeks. And yes, just like their feather colors/marking change as they mature, so do their vocals...

At only 8 weeks-old, your bird hasn't had much time at all to learn any sounds/words, as they learn sounds and speech by mimicking what they hear. So your little guy hasn't had much time at all to do this. You'll notice him picking-up sounds and possibly words too, as well as different chirps/whistles, etc. as time goes on...Green Cheeks are not at all known for being good talkers, but there are some (usually the males) who learn to say quite a lot of words and phrases, and some who are able to speak very clearly (usually Green Cheeks have a very low, gravely voice). So your guy has only just begun to do anything and everything in life, and you shouldn't base anything on what he looks like/sounds like right now. However, this is the absolute BEST TIME to start training him/teaching him anything that you want him to learn/do, such as "Recall-Training" him to fly to you on-command...And if you want to ever have him wear a harness/leash so you can take him out and about with you, you need to buy the harness and start his training ASAP!!! It often takes parrots months and months to literally years to accept just wearing a harness without constantly chewing on it/picking at it, and the younger they are when you start training them to wear the harness, the more successful they are, and the easier it is to get them to accept putting it on and wearing it. We all pretty much use and highly-recommend the Aviator Harness, it's the easiest to get them to accept putting it on/wearing it, and most importantly it's absolutely the safest and most secure parrot harness available. And whenever you buy an Aviator Harness it comes with an awesome instructional DVD that explains the gradual process of acclimating your bird to the Aviator Harness, and then goes over each, individual step of putting it on them so they don't fight you or chew it apart. So if you were planning to "some day" buy a harness/leash for your bird so you can take him out with you, today is the day. At 8 weeks-old it should be a pretty easy process of getting him to accept the harness and wear it if you start now. And for a Green Cheek Conure, you want a size "Extra-Small" Aviator Harness. You can order them several places, the cheapest being and eBay, with many colors to choose from. They all come with the Aviator Harness in the color of your choice, a black leash, and the instructional DVD (which is also available for free on YouTube I believe)...Just make sure you get a size "extra-small" for your Green Cheek.

I've had my Yellow-Sided Green Cheek, a DNA-tested male name Bowie, for about 2 and a half years now, I brought him home when he was 13 weeks-old. And Bowie talks extremely well, he can say about 15 different words/phrases and his voice is very clear...I never expected him to talk at all because they are just not known for being good talkers at all, nor did I purposely "train" him to talk...In fact I didn't do anything at all, he just started talking one day when he was about 6-8 months old, and kept talking from that point forward. So you won't know if your little guy is going to be able to speak words/phrases until he's closer to a year old, but you will start hearing him make all kinds of new noises/sounds gradually as time goes on.
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