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Re: Do conure sounds change as they mature?

Oh, yes they do !

My GCC made the same "frog chirps"... to the extent that the people at the petstore named her Kermit, and I thought it was too cute a name to change. But after about 6 months, their little parrot vocabulary expands a lot. She might start talking or mimicking things around the house. And, sadly, some sounds just get lost to time. Kermit doesn't really make frog chirps anymore, but she clucks, she makes microwave beeps, she immitates footsteps, food chewing, and the slider door. She also can say a handful of phrases like "step up", "hi kermie", "baby?", "kisses!!!! *smooch sound*, or "Peeeeeeeeeee kabo". And she'll occasionally add new things to her repertoire.

So take lots of video of the cute frog chirp, because chances are it won't last long </3 !

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