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Re: Hello

Welcome! Post done pictures! The only thing I worry is the young ones of any species of bird are those dang viruses they may have aquired at birth or the first weeks at the breeders....or the yeasty beasties might be taking over the crop.... hopefully not though and all is well. Congratulations on your baby. Though I do wish it could have been with parents or siblings longer to model behavior on, there has been a lot of rethinking on raising baby parrots, and the links of hand raising and feather destructive behavior later in life. I do hope you will allow him to fledge and learn to fly before ever clipping his wings. Fledgling and flying are hugely important milestones and have very lasting impacts on their lives. My quaker was clipped by breeder before fledging , and his wings didn't have the feathers to guide the growth so they are crossed now that he has feathers and they rub...also my rescue never learned to fly, and it's so difficult teaching an adult to fly.
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