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Re: He flew!!!..


My Sugar hadn't learned to fly as young as your Amy. I was told I could not teach a 13 year old bird to fly, but I was determined to have him fly. I started off with running about with him on my arm. As soon as he would feel the wind (yes outside- a bit foolish in hindsight, but I didn't know better), he would tuck his wings in to make as little wind resistance as possible. I then had to train a "wings" command on the stand. Once the command was well trained, I would run with him and shout "WINGS!". Fortunately Sugar is so nice (or stupid) and he would open his wings and the wind would get hold of them. After doing that for some months he eventually flapped his wings and he flew 3-4 meters to the ground. After that we would do this with a harness on with a long lead.

I think it took me about 6 months training before he started flying short bursts. Another 6 months before he got quite good at it.

He will never be as good as the ones who learned flying during their natural fledging. He prefers to fly off my arm and he always lands on the ground. I have tried to teach him to land on other surfaces, but he just doesn't trust them (probably due to quite a few crash landings in his early days and due to me training outside in fields in the beginning, where he could only land on the ground).

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