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Horrible, Sudden Aggression in Green Cheek Conure

Hello, I'm Silver and I, unfortunately, have a major problem with my pineapple green cheek conure, Navi.
I got her in June 23rd, 2018 (two days before my birthday, fun fact) and she was the sweetest thing ever. Note : she was 11 weeks old when I got her.
I gave her a cage, gave her a friend, Sky the fancy parakeet, and she was just the best bird you could ask for... Until we reached around late August to early September...
It was a normal day, I was taking her out in the afternoon to spend time with my spoiled child. I was saying, "Good afternoon Navi!" as I usually do. I carefully stuck my hand in the cage, trying not to spook her, but she suddenly bit me; really, really hard.
In shock, I pulled my hand back since she's never bitten me before. Sure, she would give me nips but that's when she got annoyed by something I was doing and I would stop immediately.
I tried again and got the same result : a painful bite. I simply just called it a day and tried again tomorrow, but got the exact same thing. I called the breeder I got her from and asked what I should do. She said to ignore the biting and gently push her beak back when she tried biting. If it got worse, roll your hand in to have her try and bite the top of your hand, but there was nothing to latch onto to bite, so it should work, right?
I've tried both for the past 2 months and no progress has been made whatsoever. If anything, her biting has gotten worse to where I would bleed. She'll even run up to you and bite anything that's closest to her.
Recently, however, I've gotten her a new, bigger cage, thinking that maybe why she was aggressive because her old cage was just slightly smaller than what a green cheek would need.
After putting her in the new cage, she's gotten better... at least for 3-4 days...
Her biting is horrible and I can't stand it. I've tried what the breeder has told me and nothing's worked. Not only that, she's aggressive to my mother and my brother, who've been loving her ever since I got her. Any ideas?
For extra info, by now she is a little bit below 9 months.

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