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Re: Horrible, Sudden Aggression in Green Cheek Conure

Welcome to the forums!

Also, year and a half? Welcome to puberty! Your bird has entered adolescence. This is a phase and will pass, rest assured. Puberty typically lasts a few months. Protracted cases may last up to a year.

Aggression and general bipolar behavior (aggressive one second, super sweetheart the next, wake up next morning to an evil heathen) are typical of puberty. THIS WILL PASS. You must have patience, and do your best to ignore the naughty behavior.

It is SO key to continue engaging the bird out of cage and keep up the socialization. Do not keep your bird locked up as a result of the aggression. This will be key to positive resolution of this phase and have a positive outcome:

YOU WILL GET YOUR SWEET BIRD BACK, I promise. If you do as above, keep engaging, you’ll get the well behaved bird back in a few months time.

PATIENCE IS A MUST. Not optional here. You’ll get through it together and your bond with the bird will be stronger than ever as a result.
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