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Re: Horrible, Sudden Aggression in Green Cheek Conure

Quote: Originally Posted by chris-md View Post
Ok definitetly not puberty then.

Tell us about how you are caring for him. Daily routine, how often is the bird out of cage, what’s the diet like. Give us all the details you can.

Also, have you ever taken the bird in to a certified avian vet for a full check up, including full bloodwork?
My daily routine would be that I would wake up at around 10 or 11am, pull the covers up from her cage, say good morning and everything. I would change her water everyday and blah, blah, blah. At around 12, I would take her out and cuddle with her and spend a little bit over 2 hours with her. I'll put her back, let her eat, drink, bathe, whatever she needed. After that, I would take her out again and let her spend time with my family as she is a very social bird.

Her diet is a bit... weird? I'll give her fruit. Mainly seedless watermelon and apple but, half of the time, she's scared of it, so I'll need to chop it up and give it to her in a separate bowl. I'll even give her some healthy nuts and greens occasionally.
Her normal food is seed with some pellets and hidden fruit inside.

Lastly, I have not recently but I have been planning to do so for my other bird, Sky. I could make an appointment for her, too.
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