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Re: Horrible, Sudden Aggression in Green Cheek Conure

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
Hi welcome to the forum. I agree probably puberty, though I never noticed a puberty phase with either of my two GCC girls... Many Parrots can be cage agressive but wonderful once you get them away from the cage, can you allow her to come out on her own and have a perch attached outside the cage near the door? Then ask her to step up from there. All baby birds are sweet as adults they have independent thought and like to train us. Is she flighted? Anyway if she will come out of the cage on her own then you take her to a separate play ate you have set up with perches and you can do some training or play there lots of safflower seeds as treats most GCC can't resist! Try including her when you eat breakfast set up a small stand for her and her own plate of veggies, you can share a bite of toast or a bite or two of egg, or piece of dry cerel once in a while. Parrots thrive on group activity. So try and include her in everything. Try to spend four hours a day or more interactive with her. The cure is more time together, and bribes, a treat Everytime anyone passes the cage. If you are on your phone a lot she could be jealous, mine is very jealous of the attention I pay my phone and that's attention she's not getting, plus talking on the phone, forget it she thinks I'm sweet talking someone else!!! I gave her lots of treats when I held the phone so now she is ok with me holding it, but talking on the phone equals bites in my house. You can try treats and reading the text out loud to her like you are having a conversation with her .... There are a lot of reasons for bites, territorial, fear, jealousy, boredom... I'm in the camp all (most) bites are the owners fault and you need to look at the cause and read their body language and make changes to reduce bites,..
Thank you so much for you response! The cage I have for her right now has a opening on top of the cage with a perch that she could climb up to and spend time out of her cage whenever she wants. Once she's up there, I try to get her to step up but she does her usual thing : biting and lunging towards my finger.

Weirdly enough, her flight feathers have no come in ever since I got her. Not to mention, she doesn't try to fly at all, only when she is truly terrified of something.

I try to include her in everything that I do, as I did before she turned aggressive, but she won't even let me near the cage without lunging towards me.

Though, despite everything, I am thinking about the jealousy part. As I do play video games, I take her out and let her spend time with me as I play. I'm also on my phone a lot but, even then, I spend time with her. So, I don't believe it is that.
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