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Re: possibly laying an egg?

hi, thank you for the long answer

the vet did explain the surgery part to me as well as I could understand it... I'm just very anxious when it comes to any type of surgery at all, I know it's absolutelly no comparison, but I ruined my knww and the surgery messed up my whole hormonal system, my head and the knee is still only halfway ok, even after 15 years and lots of rehab and gym... also yes, I know that thousands surgeries are performed every day on people and animals and go really really well, but this is where my anxiety starts acting up reeeeeally badly, this one thing that could go wrong... I know very well it's stupid and I'm just seeing ghosts, that it's only in my head, but darn does it feel all too real...

also yes, we've talked about the implants to prevent any eggs, they would need to redo it 3 times every year and they are expensive, but if I can spent as much as I do on the toys and food, I'll do this too, her health is just too important for me... I'm not sure of which kind the vet uses, I'd need to ask, also on the 6month option as I wouldn't want to drag her in as often and put her under stress and anesthesia too often...

well it's not as much to never have an egg at all anymore but about not having anymore issues with too big eggs and possibly eggbinding or worse... I could handle a normal egg if I just found it on the cage floor and the bird ok (yeah I would have freaked anyway, but not like this), but what has happened just freaked me out too much to just go with the flow and not do anything about it but hope it doesn't happen again so yes, I am considering these implants a lot even if it drains my wallet into oblivion... she's only 7, she could easily be with me for at least the next 20 years and I plan on doing everything I can to make that happen!

it's so amazing to have support like this, especially from people who understand what it is to be bonded to your pet this much and/or who have gone through this and know what to do
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