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Re: Hello from Appalachia Maryland

Hi and welcome! This is the inside temp of your house?? Brrrr
I always recommend the Sweeter Heater as sold on Amazon. I hang it on it's side though not overhead.
This heater is a radiant heat panal that hangs outside the cage, and the smallest size they make is perfect. It puts out a lot of heat, so they need to be able to move away from it, I hang mine in lowere outside corner of the cage, with a perch inside the cage right in front of it , if they want more heat. And don't cover the cage completely so the heat can escape. I've used this heater for 18 years, so I am really happy with it!!! It's no light , just radiant heat. Put your hand a few inches from it and wait you will feel the heat.
Welcome, you found an active and careing forum here with lots of experience and diverse ideas to solve parrot problems, and just to cellibrate birds!
May your joy be as deep as the ocean, and your sorrows as light as the foam.

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