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Re: possibly laying an egg?

current update.... no big change sadly, she seems to be feeling ok, warmed up to the vet and nurses, is letting them pet her and carry her around on theit hand or shoulder, she is eating and drinking normally... the vet will be back sunday afternoon, sadly no vet will be present till then as there are only 2 avian vets in the whole freaking country... but there will be his doughter present all the time, she's a vet technician and Sunny seems to like her... we decided to wait till sunday as she seems to be doing well... I just don't dare to take her back home as I might mess things up and panic and just make it worse...

either way it's a very very hard decision, it breaks my heart to even be in the position to need to make a decision like this... but I am trying to stay hopefull and positive about it, I know that nothing will change if I stay at home on my couch and cry every day, but it's hard...

has anyone had any experience with similar things or has heard/read anything about the egg being in there for so long without the bird getting eggbound or having problems? it's just so weird...
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