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2 umbrella Cockatoos One male named Cooper and female named Baby 1 Little Corella male named Frankie and have 5 Cockatiels three named Male named Pepper, Fiesco for the female and female named Wylie.
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Re: Hi I am the Parrot Genie and current bird owner of 5

I have currently 5 in my flock currently. My first was my Umbrella Cockatoo named Baby. Last owner called her Baby as she would scream during the day at random times and why she was named Baby. She is 28 years old and had a rough life. The first owner past away due to COPD as she was a heavy smoker, then her kids took the bird and mistreated her pretty much and not given her any attention for 3 years leaving her in a rusted out cage and not letting her out except for vet visits. So she was cage bound. She one day bite the Son finger and even broke the bone. So he ended up selling her off to a store. I came in working on project installing camera and ETC and saw the bird in the cage and ask about her? No one would handle her at the store as they were afraid of her due to she of course was aggressive and would bite and attack anyone that came near her. I decide to take the chance being dealt with bird for years and slowly when up to her and offer her a peanut which she accepted and then a couple days later she step up on my arm and bonded to her. Yes she still was aggressive and would bite at times and very territorial. I slowly worked on behavior issues and then a year later I decide I was going to buy her off of them and made a offer and they accepted it and took her home and to vet to work out infections she had from lack of care in the past and now she a 100%

She now the best companion one could ask for and now socialized to everyone. It took me over a year to work out behavior issues. She goes with me everywhere I go even to work.

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