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Re: Horrible, Sudden Aggression in Green Cheek Conure

Quote: Originally Posted by Sunnyclover View Post
So...I have read the OP's original post and a few following it but I haven't read everyone else's comments, please forgive me if I repeat anything.

I don't believe this bird is an early bloomer and going through puberty.
I see that the bird has made some progress and is biting less.
I dont believe this bird wasn't fledged because I have one of those special...oh so special birds and this case doesn't remind me if him at all.
I do think it was or is a combination or sudden cage aggression and too much junk/sugar from the fruit ext and perhaps the fact you got another bird and Navi could have decided that they like the other bird more than you. This can happen even if the 2 birds don't spend a lot of time together. I gave 4 Conures, my 2 boys are close friends despite the fact the don't share a cage and do t preen each other or even like standing side by side. They're both bobded to me but I've gone through lots of precautions to influence this outcome.
If it were me I would cut the sugar and start having the bird step up onto a stick perch to get the bird out of the cage. Then I would clicker train the bird to come to the cage door or out of the cage and then step up onto hand. Clicker training can really be a game changer for a biting bird.
I hope you and your little one can become even closer. Good luck!

I understand where you're coming from Sunny, but I think you missed the main point...This bird DIDN'T EVER FLEDGE, THAT'S CERTAIN, BECAUSE THIS BIRD NEVER GREW-IN HER FLIGHT-FEATHERS TO BEGIN WITH! So he couldn't have ever fledged...The breeder clipped what wings she had, along with her sibling (which was purchased by a friend of the OP), and as the OP described, her friend's bird, the sibling of the OP's bird, had their flight-feathers grow back-in normally about 2 months after the Breeder clipped them...The OP's bird never grew their flight-feathers in, nor did the feather's clipped ever grow back...And at 9 months old, the OP's bird has not only failed to grow-in their flight-feathers, but they also have yet to start any molting at all...

It's not surprising that this bird hasn't started their first big molt yet because their flight-feathers never grew-in/grew back-in after they were clipped by the breeder...So there was an indication of a serious problem when the flight-feathers never grew-in right after the OP brought the bird home, and the indication that the bird has a serious physical health issue was only reinforced by the fact that at 9 months old the bird hasn't started molting AT ALL...This is not good at all...

***The sudden biting/aggressiveness of this bird may or may not have been related to not ever fledging/growing their flight-feathers in originally/not starting to molt, or it may not have been related, no way to know as of right now...While I'm very glad that the bird's aggressiveness and biting has seemingly stopped, I'm very seriously concerned about the continuing feather issue, as it's an indication of several very serious and potentially life-threatening Avian Viral Diseases, such as PBFD, PDD, etc. Hopefully it's not a serious Avian Viral Disease causing the bird's lack of feather shedding and growth, but rather something like a systemic Fungal/Yeast infection effecting the follicles, or some other disease/condition of the feather-follicles, but it's imperative that the OP get the bird to a Certified Avian Vet ASAP and have the run routine blood-work along with specific blood-tests to rule-out PBFD, PDD, and then any other Avian Viral Diseases that the CAV feels it's necessary to run. The OP needs to explain the history of their bird's feather growth, or rather the lack thereof, including that the breeder clipped the bird's wings when very young and that they never grew back-in after that clipping, while the bird's sibling had their wings clipped at the same time/age and their flight-feathers grew back-in within the normal 2 months after a clipping, and is flying normally with no issues, while the OP's bird has never flown due to having no flight-feathers at all...They also need to explain that the bird is 9+ months old (closer to 10 now) and has yet to start molting ANY feathers at all as of yet in addition to never growing their flight feathers in the first place, so that the CAV understands the entire history and that this bird has yet to ever fledge/fly...(I don't know if the sibling bird owned by the OP's friend has already started their first regular molt or not as of now, but that would be useful information to know and to also give the CAV, because if the sibling bird has also already started to molt as well, then this is just further evidence that something is seriously wrong with the OP's bird (In addition to knowing whether or not the sibling bird as already started their first molt, it would also be useful to know at what age the sibling bird started their first molt as well). Hopefully the CAV the OP is taking the bird to will also run a full Fecal Culture/Microscopy/Gram-Stain, along with an external skin-swab/culture to rule-out a systemic Fungal/Yeast infection...I don't know if a feather-follicle culture, biopsy, etc. would also be prudent, maybe not until after they get back the results of the blood-work and the specific blood-tests for PBFD, PDD, etc. Those are definitely what are most important to get run immediately, because the sooner you diagnose any of these types of Avian Viral Diseases, the better the opportunity you have to get them under control or to successfully treat them/combat them the best that can be done, even if just with "supportive" or "palliative" care.

****Keep in-mind that it may just be that this bird is a bit of a "late-bloomer" as far as starting their first, regular molt goes; however, that doesn't explain why the bird never grew-in their flight-feathers in the first place...Hopefully this is a case of just needing to pull the shafts of flight feathers out to prompt the growth of their mature flight-feathers, and then the bird will learn to fly properly (must allow their mature flight feathers to grow-in fully and allow the bird time to fly before ever making the decision to clip their wings again)...But you cannot be too cautious when we're talking about a bird who never grew-in their flight-feathers and is now late in starting their first molt.

Keep us posted and let us know what the CAV said, what tests they ran, etc.
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