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2 umbrella Cockatoos One male named Cooper and female named Baby 1 Little Corella male named Frankie and have 5 Cockatiels three named Male named Pepper, Fiesco for the female and female named Wylie.
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Re: Hi I am the Parrot Genie and current bird owner of 5

My second Rescue in my flock is also umbrella Cockatoo named Cooper. He I found at a garage sale. I resell and do restorations and usually stop at several garage sales during the day. I heard him in the background with other birds I ask the owner if I could see them and he let me. I saw he was in bad shape and in a cage that would have been to small for a single Cockatiel. I also could tell he was on his last legs as he was breathing hard and ended up having a upper respiratory infection. I made the guy a offer to take him he took it and immediately took him to the vet. He had yeast infection as well as a upper respiratory infection and had blood work done and found liver values were very high. Thankfully he was able to resolve his health issues and now has a clean bill of health now months later. He was a heavy feather picker, he now letting most his feathers come in, once in a while he still chew, but no longer plucks, but no where near as bad as when I first got him. He very socialized and he bonded to my female umbrella as a mate now.

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