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Re: Hello from South Africa

Quote: Originally Posted by Allee View Post
Welcome to the forums. Thank you for the intro and thank you for researching extensively before you make your decision. Who would be the primary caregiver for your future bird? You mentioned your wife wouldn't be happy with a conure due to noise? The words parrots and quiet are seldom used in the same sentence. Is your wife as excited about adopting a bird as you are? How much time will you be able to devote to the bird after your human child arrives? I don't mean to sound negative but there's a lot to consider for the bird's well being. I have no personal experience caring for a Jardine but hopefully some of our members can tell you more.
Not at all. i see it as constructive criticism and a form of looking at something from a perspective i may be blind to. your help and questioning is much appreciated!
some answers:
i would be the primary caregiver.
as is a Conures nature, they tend to scream for attention. its just their nature. i think we all know a conure screams. lovely lovely birds. but that screaming my wife could not live with.
so let's say a conure persistent screaming is a no go for us.
that said, all bird are loud. its not the loudness so much as the constant screaming that would drive my wife wild.
are we both in on getting a bird... Truth? no. i've wanted a bird companion for years and 4 years later that has not changed. my wife's attitude has cracked slightly. i am in her word aloud a budgie.
Time is something i am blessed with. i have a flexible job, and often work from home. but you have hit the nail on the head. if i start a family will i have the time to devote to a youngish bird? - this has troubled me for the last 4 years. so my slightly selfish thinking is there is never a perfect time to commit to a pet of any sorts, there is always be obstacles.
i know how demanding a parrot is and i'm ready to take on that challange.
that said, i am clueless as to the demands of a baby child. and its that unknown that has always stopped me.
Trust me, after rehoming 2 birds - i never want to have to do that again.

Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Welcome, thanks for sharing your interesting history with birds!
not a history i am particularly proud - of many mistakes.
i am here to tell my tale and gain knowledge before taking the plunge again.

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
Hi welcome.
We have a lot of people ask what bird would be quiet, happy to entertain themselves on their own, then loving to everyone. Sadly , that parrot doesn't exist. Or we would all have one.
My past GCC and current GCC were and are quit birds. Both birds are very loving, and also bite...
My quakers are very loving, but loud. And they are so social they couldn't handle not having a lot of attention, or they would become a screamer and turn to self mutilation...
Pionus Parrots are quieter by reputation, but I haven't met or had one..
Alexandrine Parrots have a reputation of not being into touching, and can revert to a more wild state if not constantly worked with..
of course! let me clarify my thoughts on loud parrots.
a screaming conure is my wife's nightmare. a budgies chirping she loves.
as for loving everyone - my conure used to fly attack anyone other than me.
i dont need the bird to love everyone, rather i need a bird that wont actively attack people. this is based on my time around 2 Conures.

Quote: Originally Posted by ChristaNL View Post
I love long posts

Have you considered a Senegal parrot (Poicephalus senegalus)?
The crazy thing is: all the american ones seem to be one-person (shy) birds, overhere they are typical outgoing all family birds (unless they are raised and kept by a single person that does not socialize them at all).
They are small-ish (so not scary for a first time parrotowner), compact and compared to a lot of other parrots not really loud.

The Meyers were quite the hype here, but since people expected them to stay tame & cudly without regular interaction .. they get rehomed quite a bit (more a people-issue than a parrot-fail afaik). Lovely parrots.
Senegals, i have not written them off!
nb i am basing my ideas on what i have read on the net, i'm keeping my mind wide open at this point. that said what i have read it that they do tend to be 1 person birds, and i would ideally like my wife to be friendly with the bird.
size wise they are perfect. i'm not going to lie i'm intimidated by larger parrots. so small to medium size fits me perfectly.

its chick season here, all the breeders and shops have birds available.
i was playing with 4 month old amazon in a store last week.
stunning bird. just nervous it might be too much bird for me.
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