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Re: Hello from Appalachia Maryland

Welcome! I wrote some random advice that you may or may not already know below:

Make sure you don't come running when your bird calls for you or you may encourage undesirable noises. Stick to petting on the head and avoid cuddles (they are usually cute while cuddling, but a sexual bird can quickly become a terror, not to mention the health risks hormones pose to birds). Never give any sort of cuddle huts, tents or dark places in or outside of the cage- birds change when they hit puberty, and you don't want to encourage any bad habits that you can't continue....and be careful with the wood stove---and make sure that temperatures in the 50s aren't too cold for your bird (that would be taxing for many, but gradual change is the most important thing). In terms of the stove, birds have very sensitive respiratory systems, so any chemical, smoke or fume (even cleaners) can cause serious damage or death. Do you already know about the dangers of Teflon/PTFE/PFOA?
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