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Re: Meyers vs Jardine vs Senegal

I have a male Senegal, he turned 2 years-old this past September, and I brought him home from a private-breeder when he was 13 weeks old. He was hand-raised/hand-fed by his breeder (who did a wonderful job) and was a sweetie from the moment I met him...I drove 9 hours one-way to pick him up, picked him up around 9:00 p.m., checked-into the hotel around 10:30 p.m., and he slept on my chest the entire night...Then he rode all the way home, all 9-hours, in the hood of my hoodie...He's picking at my earring right now

I heard a lot of negative things about Senegals and the Poicephalus species in-general before I brought Kane home, and I haven't found one of them to be true. No, they are not Conures, but Kane is cuddly and snuggly and love scritches and is a little sweetie...He was a handful through puberty, only because he was humping everything, lol...He never became aggressive or bitey/nippy...

One thing that I heard that did end-up being true is that they are "one-person birds", and that is definitely the case with Kane...My mom is a life-long parrot breeder and has had my brother, a CAG, for 32 years now...And when she put her hand out for Kane to step-up the first time she met him as a baby (I'd only had him for a couple of days at that point, so it's not like he was that closely-bonded with me yet), he hesitantly stepped-up onto her hand and then turned his head around and looked at me with this look of terror that I will never forget! Lol, he was like "AHHHH, who is this? AHHHH, come get me back, come get me back, I don't like this, AHHHH!" And to this day he will step-up for someone and then immediately fly right back to my shoulder and give me the "There, I did it, was that enough?" look...He's my little man, and that's about it...but he's never bitten anyone though...He does very gently but briskly remove anyone else's fingers from him if they try to pet him, lol...Every time he just grabs their fingers in his beak and kind of "throws" them away...At least he's polite about hating other people...

Kane is a big boy, his weight hovers right around 145 grams...His sister was noticeably smaller than him when I first met them both and picked him up, I'd say she probably hovers around 115-120 grams...The Jardines that I have met have all been "taller" than Kane, not necessarily "wider", just taller...The Cape Parrots are the big-guns of the Poicephalus species, they are like 3 Senegals or 2 Lesser-Jardines...
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