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Re: Respitory infection?

Quote: Originally Posted by Laurasea View Post
Honey! You so cute! Glad you got treatment. Was this an avain vet? I always worry if they don't do a culture, some infections like psittacosis need a special antibiotic, and a longer treatment time than other infections. Also Noodles and EllenD had me start probiotic when I treated my baby. You can get them at the pet store, sprinkle on food, do not add to water. I myself use a finger nail size of yogurt that has no artificial sweeteners, and does have live cultures (not all do). I hope your baby is well soon.
Unfortunately, no. There are very very few avian vets (maybe like 3) here in the city and my previous avian vet just moved states away.
This is an exotics vet who regularly treats birds, though.
I think I found another avian vet but her schedule is booked until the end of the month. I was originally going to take Honey there, but because the vet couldn’t squeeze me in, I went to the other one. Figured any vet is better than no vet!

I will be taking Honey in Feb to the avian vet for a check up. Hope she’s just as good as my previous one.
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