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Re: Kermitís harness training thread

Quote: Originally Posted by IndySE View Post
You've already made good strides with Sir Kermit's training process. I think I went through something similar with Lady Kermit.

First of all, what kind of treats are you using? Not all treats are created equal in this process. I had really good luck with safflower seeds. They're desirable enough to work for but fast enough to eat that I'm not waiting there all day. They're also pretty small for a more coordinated process I'll describe to you.

What I'd do is I'd actually stuff multiple safflower seeds into my index finger and thumb. I'd lure Lady Kermit's head through the loop with a single seed and quickly show to her there's another one in there waiting for her if she stays in the loop. This is where birds start doing some complicated math where 2 safflower seeds right then and there is better than just one. I'd keep adding as many safflower seeds into my thumb and forefinger as I could, keeping Lady Kermit there (theoretically) for as long as I had seeds.

After you get passed this point, I introduced the concept I like to call "the infinite bowl of seeds". After she puts her head through the hoop, I set out a small bowl of seeds in front of her which she has access to as long as her head is in the loop. Again, bird math. Infinity is much bigger than 1 seed.

In terms of Sir Kermit wanting to end training sessions early, I'd say that's mostly growing pains. It takes them a while to process the harness as ok. I've taken many breaks with the harness and have found good success in that. So its not a bad way to go
Thank you for your help

I am using safflower seeds for Sir Kermit as well. Instead of holding individual seeds in my fingers, I have an entire handful of seeds in my hand that I place in front of the loop so Kermit can take as many seeds as he wants to when he stays there. The problem is that heíll stuff multiple seeds in his beak then pull his head out when he doesnít feel like staying in the loop. I will try your method to curb this behavior.
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