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Re: A shameful question...

Yeah, to anyone reading this wondering themselves what's best, Keep the Grate in the bottom of your bird's cage, and use newspaper, butcher-paper (in the large rolls), or even paper-towels UNDER the Grate, in the very bottom of the cage.

***Putting the newspaper/Butcher-Paper/Paper-Towels on top of the Grate is not a good idea at all UNLESS you have done that since the bird was a little baby and they are trained to not go down onto the paper...Most birds will go and chew on, tear apart, shred, etc. any type of paper that they can get to, and the risk of them eating it is very great...Plus you don't want them getting all dirty from their poop, or from the ink on the newspaper if that's what you use...So just put the Grate in the bottom of the cage, and put the newspaper or whatever you're using UNDERNEATH THE GRATE. Then you can just remove the Grate or pull just the tray out of the bottom, however your cage works, and dump the entire bottom, put new newspaper in the bottom, and you're done. And then just scrub the Grate once a week...

****BTW, just an FYI to anyone who is planning-on using or who already uses any type of "Absorbent Liners", specifically any type of PEE-PADS/TRAINING PADS FOR DOGS..PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE THEM ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR BIRDS, OR IN ANY PLACE THAT YOUR BIRDS CAN POSSIBLY GET A HOLD OF ONE AND CHEW IT!!! The stuff inside of the "Puppy-Pads" or any type of Absorbent-Pads like human and/or doggy Diapers that makes them absorbent is extremely toxic to Birds!!! They cannot digest it, it just sits inside their Crops, Stomachs, and Intestines, and poisons them! It can also cause GI blockages/obstructions, but usually it just poisons them...I personally know someone who lost their Sun Conure this way, she kept the "Puppy Pads" in the bottom of his cage, UNDER the Grate, and he got a hold of the corner of one and pulled part of it up through the Grate, and proceeded to chew on it for about 20 minutes until she found him doing it...He had ripped the Puppy-Pad open and pulled out a bit of absorbent stuff in the middle...Well she found him dead in his cage about 3 hours later (ironically she had gone out to pick-up more Puppy-Pads, as she realized that she was out of them when she went to replace the one he chewed-up)...She had a Necropsy done and they found a small amount of the stuff in his Crop and Stomach, but it contains chemicals that are poisonous to Birds...This happened in 2014, and she's still not over it, not only does she miss him dreadfully, but she still blames herself...And of course she got online and searched to see if this had happened to anyone else, and of course she found a ton of people who have lost their birds due to them using Puppy-Pads in the bottom of their bird cages...And instead of that making her feel better, it made her feel much worse, like she should have known not to use Puppy-Pads in her bird's cage because they're "well known" to kill birds...I tried to tell her that's not true, that I didn't know they were toxic either, but she's still a mess over it and has yet to get another bird...So just "Say No!" to using Puppy-Pads as liners for your bird's cage...
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