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Re: Need Positive-Energy For Bowie...Again...

Well, he's doing alright, we go to the CAV at 3:00 today...He's sleeping right now, I don't know if he's sleepy because of the Metacam, or he's sleepy because his beak hurts, or both...I spent all night worrying about him and didn't sleep, now I'm exhausted...and it's -5 degrees F outside right now, so venturing out at all isn't going to be fun, let alone with a tropical parrot...I am insulating the carrier with fleece blankets, Hot-Hands, and covering the whole thing with a heavy blanket for my sprint from the door to the car...It's "Freeze your tongue to a metal-pole" cold out there!!!

Kane is perfectly fine, I'm assuming that Bowie stuck his little beak in through Kane's cage bars, and he used his big beak to crunch-down on Bowie's. He's the only bird in the house with a beak big enough to do what was done, and the "holes" in both sides of Bowie's beak are "Senegal" size, so there ya go...but Kane isn't bothered by it at all. I asked him if he hurt Bowie's beak and I swear he smiled at me and winked...

I'll update later when we get back from the Vet, I'm sure he's going to have to fill-in the holes in his beak, they're ugly!!! Doesn't stop him from eating though, I was going to make him oatmeal last night until I saw him holding a pellet and chomping it down with no issue. I think it looks worse than it actually is, and of course I'm freaking out about it while Bowie just wants me to stop cleaning it out and putting stuff on it...
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