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Re: Another outing..

Quote: Originally Posted by AmyMyBlueFront View Post
….As many of you know,my recent obsticles of life haven't been too kind to me,and I was feeling I was treating my fids terribly not giving them the much needed human contact they so desperately need and deserve.

So today,I said !@#$ &^ and did something about it,with Amy at least. We all know how she just LOVES adventures with her favorite parront so I asked if she would like to go out and complaints from her!

So I packed up her portable table-top T stand and went to my brothers,to show her where we will be staying for a spell. I set her and her stand on the table and went into David's office to have a chat. Amy almost immediately started in with chatter...hello's...zon gibberish..whatch doings and such.

David was getting ready to go to church so we had to leave. My best friend Joe (BB's and Amy's "uncle") is in a rehab place trying to learn to walk..he has terrible diabetic nerve pain and his legs are SOO red and swollen he literally can not walk.
So we went to visit for a spell.Ethel, Joes wife was there.and Joe was out on the floor with a PT and walker helping him.
Amy was on my shoulder making sweet amazon noises and talking a bit to Joe's roommate. Of course they asked many questions. Joes toommate's wife asked if Amy was friendly and if she could hold her.
Amy showed zero aggression so I brought Amy to her and said "don't act nervous and slowly move your closed fist to her belly while softly saying "step up Amy"

That awesome bird turned and looked at me and I said "go ahead Amy,step up,she wont hurt you" and don't you know,with zero hesitation,she stepped right onto that womans fist The lady was beside herself! ( she later said she had NEVER had a bird on her hand!) Then to top it off,Amy lowered her head and the woman asked what she was doing. I said she is askink for head scratches. I told her to use her index finger and gently scratch her head.Then Amy lowered her head even lower,until her face was laying sideways on her hand,with eyes closed and beaky open! I told the woman you have just now made a friend for live and she had a huge on her face!
I am SO proud of that bird! That's what socialization can do!

We stayed with Joe and Ethel for an hour or so,Amy on my shoulder,she did say a couple words..hello's..called "Ellen" my moms name and made a few Amazon noises.

A guy who was visiting his dad across the hall and asked if he could photograph her. He said he does wild life pictures then makes paintings of them. He scrolled thru his phone and showed me hummingbird pictures the pictures of his paintings that were amazing. He even told me he'll do one of Amy and send it to me!

On the way out,the girl at the reception desk said "Bye Amy" and Amy responded with a very clear HELLO! lol

We then met my brother at his usual dinner location as Amy sat on my shoulder just checking out the customers. David offered her a piece of his lasagna and she clearly made a mess of my sweatshirt lol.

On the way home,we stopped at the local Mookie Mart and TJ (Jonesy's parront) was there and she was so excited to see Amy out with me. We chatted about "Bob" Jonesy's new name now and as we left Amy said again HELLO!
On the way back to the house,Amy started to nibble my ear,my beard,chew my glasses and mumble sweet zon things in my ear..I am positive it is her way of saying "awesome day dad...THANKS!"
She is even warming up to David now.

I love this pretty,intelligent,fiesty,friendly fid with all my being. Thank You Amy for being in my life and being my BEST friend

Oh Jim, This is indeed a lovely story. Sorry I missed it the first time around. I hope you can do more of these special inspirational outings that are so helpful to so many, staff included.
This is my Levi, my luv 🐦💙

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

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