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Re: Looking for advice

Quote: Originally Posted by Birdmom12 View Post
Noodles. I was unaware how affection in certain areas could cause hormonal behavior. This is excellent to know. I also had a basic knowledge of chemicals/scents are harmful to birds. I had no idea the extent of this though. Like ironing boards or heated blankets. We clearly have a lot to look at in this subject matter.

Luckily our current birds (cockatiel and parakeet) we have in a pretty bare room next to our dinning room & family room. This has in a way become our bird room. We have green plants some chairs and their cages. Of course now I am thinking we will have to check into these plants if a larger and more adventurous bird comes home.

Thanks again these are great things we need to learn more on.

I found this video and it does a good job of explaining some basics about hormones that are often ignored. I am posting it because you said earlier in the post that you were unaware, and since your baby is coming home soon, there is no time like the present lol:

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