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Re: Need Positive-Energy For Bowie...Again...

Update on Bowie:

He's doing well, right now he's taking a bath and is much happier, I wouldn't let him take one until the wound on the inside of beak heals...He goes on Tuesday to get the first acrylic put into his beak, but has to go back the following week to do it again...It has to be done in steps where it is put in one area, it's allowed to fully-set, and then they do the next area, because of how it looks like a big puncture hole with "spidering" around it, so he did it right...But he's going to be okay I think.

I noticed for the first time yesterday that he was having some trouble eating his pellets. His beak is badly bruised, but it wasn't bothering him at all as far as climbing or using it to eat...But yesterday he was frustrated while eating. I sat and watched him and he would pick up a pellet and put it down, pick it up and put it down, hold it in his foot and then try to bite it and put it down, etc. No problem eating seeds, veggies, fruit, etc., but no pellets...So I took a handful of pellets and used a mortar and pestle to crush them up into tiny little bits, and then put them in his dish without anything else in it, and he went to town and ate a large portion of them...So he's obviously still having a lot of pain when he uses the beak. I didn't realize how badly bruised it was until yesterday, it's bad! Poor little guy...and now Dylan the Dove has some weird thing going on with his feet and never ends...
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