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Socializing & Training


I'm looking for advice on how others socialized, trained and helped their birds become a well adjusted family member.

I'm looking into the target training and plan to start this weekend. The training will be for our cockatiel and our newer addition a 35 year old BFA. Our amazon is tame in regards to he will step up on his terms, nicely plays outside the cage, and isn't easy to lash out. Our tiel on the other hand is very fearful.

My ultimate goal is the following

1- Work on stepping up for all members of the house hold (not just the chosen one)Hoping to have a healthy balance within the family so that everyone can interact in a fun and safe way. I realize there will always be a favorite but wouldn't it be nice to have more then one friend.

2- Socialize so that vet visits and fun outings are possible (Unknown how this was done with previous owners)

3- HOPEFUL that we can harness train. This will allow us outside time during the warmer months.

I do realize this will take months of dedication and progress will likely be slow. Hoping to hear how others have achieved this in the past.
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