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Re: Socializing & Training

Probably nothing.

Sometimes a bird will just "have had enough".
Getting used to training is also a form of training, and concentrating is hard work!

So it is more or less normal they act out a bit afterwards untill they get used to it.

It is like playgrouds around schools are always extra-extra noisy-- I think the kids are compensating for being physically still and having to focus for a longish time.

A lot of our training-with-parrots is teaching them "unnatural things" and that sometimes builds up a lot of tension: the innerbird telling it to "get out as fast as you can" but the human asks it to stay (and there are treats!).
Asking a bird to think really, really hard about something (puzzlesolving) will do the same- sometimes they will just 'explode'.

Sunny always compensates trainingtime by playing hard -> throwing in extra force or extra speed compared to the normal playing.
Chewing/ tearing things really helps her - so maybe give your bird something to destroy after might help as well?

One thing is to rethink the rewards: if the pieces are too large he will be "full" soon and lose interest (if they are too small he may decide it is not worth it) will figure out the least amount that will motivate him, that just takes time

You will learn to read your bird soon enough- they always tell you they are almost done with the session.
When that happens- ask them to do something they've succesfully done, and end it there.
(Always end on a high note if you can manage it, let the sweet smell of succes linger )

and remember: you are BOTH learning, so mistakes are allowed for both!
No student is perfect but - surprise- neither is the teacher.

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