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Morning feeding, changing of natural light

As a new owner of adopted Amazons 8 months ago, I wasn't thinking ahead. I knew in advance that Amazons (and other birds) will need a morning squawk. I found out that if I fed them shortly before sunrise, the morning squawk was more pleasant. This was OK because the days were getting shorter.

Now it is the opposite. I hadn't gotten to putting food in the cage and they were doing a very harsh and nasty squawking. It was then I realized that their demands to be fed was not their morning squawk.

So do I ride out that nasty squawking and make them understand that from now on, breakfast is at a fixed time? I am thinking 7 AM. Can someone give me a feel how long will it take before they realize the harsh calling for breakfast is not working anymore?

As I said, this is my first year. I looked ahead and when June/July comes around, sunrise comes 5:45 AM. I don't think I am interested in waking up at 5:30 AM just to

So will this squawking for demanding to be fed will end if ignored? I know the morning squawk is inevitable but it is way more pleasant after being fed. I fear that what might end up is with a mean morning squawk.
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