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Re: Socializing & Training

you are talking about many kinds of training at once. trying to teach a flighted 'tiel is going to be much hard that a non-flighted 'amazon. Lets do easier one first. find out the birds most fav treat, he one they cant live out out. That now becomes your training tool. Make a EVERYDAY for trainng. let the parrot play with the harness a few times ,so she is o tscared of it. The very hardest part of hardness training is getting the bird to voluntariy put his head theu the loop.You are going to bribe the parrot to to this by putting smaall pcs of threat lleading gup to the loop, whuch yiu will have held open at the edge to the table,Hold a pieice of threat in you other hand and once the bids head is far enouth in, slide the reast ot the loop on the head. Note this may take months and monhs ( took me almost a year with Salty). Once you do it profusely praise and treat the bird, and develope a quing word and action to easily take it off ( this can take awhile too. Try toremail clm thru the whole process - if you are neverous so will the bird be.
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