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Do your Bourke's chew?

What I've read of the little information on Bourke's out there, is that they don't chew on things, like regular parrots do.

I've noticed that this is consistent with my bourkies' behavior, too.
They chew their food, but I havent seen them chew on anything else in their cage. Not the bars, toys, or the paper towel that I was using to line the bottom of their cage. I havent seen them so much as try to lift or rearrange it.
I have seen them put their beaks on the top of the drapes while they were hanging on top of them in the window, but I think it was to steady themselves on the fabric, which is a lighter weight. Likewise they like to bounce on the flaps of a brown box, and sometimes steady themselves with their beak, but there are never chew marks on it.

What about your Bourke's? Do they chew on anything non-food related, and what do they chew on?

I also would like to know if they move anything around in their cages?
I would expect that most birds, when they want to lay eggs, would rearrange anything they could find into a nest. Bourke's are said not to make nests. Instead they find a hollowed out tree trunk or the like, and just hang out in there, laying their eggs on the floor. Could this explain why they might not move materials around in their cages, etc?

Edited to add more:

Bourke's are also said not to preen each other. I find this true. I've never ever seen them even attempt to preen one another.
Have any of you seen this behavior in your Bourke's , and if so, under what circumstances did they do it?

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