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Re: Socializing & Training

Well I feel pressured to give an answer...but ultimately I don't think there is immediate pressure. With that said I think they would want an answer relatively soon not the months it could take for him to warm up to me.

I know I am dedicated to him, I know I love him (even after 2 weeks), and I know I would continue to work with him. My concern is... can I get over this ridiculous fear of don't bite my ear off? It really is ridiculous! The other night he bit me when I asked him to step up. Had I not been looking at him I never would have known, that's how gentle he is. Even when the rescue was loading him into a crate for us and he was getting angry his "attacks" were gentle, you could tell he didn't want to hurt anyone he just wanted to get away. He's very content at just sitting on his cage top and being quiet... hes not a loud bird that screams or angry.

I feel like if we all relaxed and took our time a bond could be formed. I'm just struggling with am I right for you? Am I giving you enough outside time? does it bother you that you don't have your person to hang with? Silly questions I am sure.
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