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None. My wife has one too many. Kidding!
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Re: The Rickeybird Scrapbook, 1984 - Updates

Quote: Originally Posted by GaleriaGila View Post
I'm channeling the Rb, who sends this one out to my ol' man, who goes to the dentist tomorrow!

Oh, Rickeybird, be ashamed!

His research is correct, though.
Dear Wife,
Please channel this message back to your Bird.

"Thanks for the send-off, Bird. Everything is fine, you'll be glad to hear. By the way, Bird, I will be grinning when we go to your next vet appointment. I'm really looking forward to cheering all the way there. Payback is a............... hen!"
Welcome to my world. Hey, I love my lady, my lady loves the bird, so I love the... my lady.
The story of my persecution
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