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Re: Need Advice about Jack

Your Jack might do a lot of acting out, and more plucking at first too. But positive change will happen slowly. Best have a vet check as some plucking is caused by medical reasons.
My rescue was cage agressive at first to, and still is slightly. I just let her come out of the cage before cleaning and feeding. And in my opinion just ignore the "special toy"
Any cag changes should be slow. I learned the hard way on that one. You are going to see such Joy as Jack slowly becomes more trusting, and overcomes his past poor life. But it's usually slow, I just posted in my rescue Penny that it took close to five months to see big changes. I also read other threads on other parrot species and found them helpful. Like the one in blue at the top of the Amazon forum by Sailboat, tilted I love Amazon's. He talks about rescue, closed down parrots, much I found insightful for my situation. Thank you for taking Jack in, expect a lot of ups and downs at first. I personally think of them as fearful, not agressive, and traumatized. They are so very intelligent, and can greive for their past home even if it wasn't the best. Now in a whole new place and new routine, they don't know what to expect.
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