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Re: Severe Head Trauma - what would you do?

We spoke with the vet, who agreed, and as i type, Loki is resting comfortably in his modified cage on our coffee table in the living room with us.

The vet and technicians showed us how to administer his anti-inflammatory meds and the proper way to gavage feed him. The provided a gavage tube and syringe as well as the "formula" (for lack of a better word) to feed him.
We will follow up with his avian vet in 3 days time to make sure that he is progressing ok at home.

I am overwhelmed at the response i have received to my post and i want to take a moment to personally thank you all for your kind words.
Laurasea, Flboy, Noodles123, ChristaNL, Tami2, clark_conure, Terry57, Scott, Sandy19, Heedless, MMARC234 and LaManuka your kind words and stories have helped us to know that we arent alone in our experiences. I am thankful for your concerns and your honesty in your advice.

EllenD, my husband and i cried out loud as we read your remarks. We read all this after we got home with Loki and you helped drive home the assurance that we were doing what was best for Loki and i am more confident now that we made the right choice.

All of you are the reason why i turned to THIS forum for help/hope. I have never in my life met a more compassionate group of people that share a common love than i have with everyone here at parrotforums.

I am giving each and every one of you a great big hug of thanks!!!
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