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Re: Body Language HELP

Our twenty-one year old DYH Amazon has been with us for 5 full years and his best buddy is my dear wife. However, he will step-up to me all the time. Near every time, he will lung at my hand, become up-right and lift his foot to the ready position. Its his game regarding step-up.

Over the years, I have found that our Amazons all have their own Body Language Things that they have linked, created or added to their choir of Body Language communication tools. My position is that it takes three (3) different communication statements to confirm as specific overall statement. Example: Normal eyes, slumped body position with folded wings slightly extended and quivering is, I want to be with you, pick-me-up, etc... Whereas, Pinning orange eyes, as a start-point assures you had better pay attention to whatever the additional body language statements.

I'm not going to recommend that you not let him on your shoulder. Only provide a warning that with an Parrot on your shoulder, you are greatly limited on seeing the body language that he is using. Here, a hiss with normal eyes and general body position may just be a hiss. That same hiss with pinned and orange eyes means you need to be fully aware of what he is up too.

The reality is; Amazons are complex individuals that are smart and quick of mind. The more you are aware of and link they body language the more in tune you will be with your Amazon AND what is happening around you.

Your doing great and George is continuing to open-up! That is a very good thing!

In each Morning's early light; there is a promise, an Amazon makes!

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