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Re: Lovie with a foot cramp

Has she ever had an X-Ray done? It doesn't sound like an infection, it does sound like a Tendon issue, but it could potentially be an inflammation of the Tendon(s) in her lower leg that control that flexion of her foot...Tendons all have a sheath around them that hold them together, and they very often become swollen, either from infection or from overuse or being used in a "wrong way", and this will cause the Tendons inside to either be squeezed and compressed (as in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist), or it can cause the Tendons themselves to become inflamed and/or infected, causing a constant contraction of the muscles they control. A regular X-Ray would show this issue, and then the Vet would know what to do, which typically is a prescription (long-term) of a strong anti-inflammatory medication and/or an antibiotic with the correct spectrum to treat the common bacteria that cause these types of infection, such as the Cephz antibiotics (Enrofloxacin is not going to treat these types of bacteria).

I would suspect that if you are able to at the very least get a Vet to prescribe her a strong prescription anti-inflammatory medication, it will start to resolve the issue slowly after only a couple days to a week of daily use.
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