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Re: Do your Bourke's chew?

Quote: Originally Posted by Rozalka View Post
My Bourkes don't chew neither except few exceptions (all of them was in the past):
- an armchair - they used to sit there and chewing
- little wires (I'm not sure how to name in English), I use them to hang a bath
- protruding perch elements - I think it used to disturb them and they wanted to remove (and did)

If something is on the bottom of the cage, my Bourkes sometimes move it.

I've never seen preenig each other neither. One of Bourkes did an exception for budgie and was preening him (then I had only one budgie, now 2 so the Bourke stoped doing it)
! He preened a budgie ! Maybe a millet seed was hanging off him that the bourkie wanted? ;p

This is really interesting to me; why they dont preen each other.

What could be the reason for this? They live in dry climes but also can be found in greener areas, iirc. What is it that makes the not preeners? It's got to be a social as well as a practical thing, preening each other. They are supposed to be prolific at mating, so. They like each other well, so it's not like a male vs female thing.

As for chewing, did they actually leave chew marks on anything?

My guys like to throw foraging obstacles around to get at their food, but Ive never found evidence of them chewing on them. I lined the bottom of the cage with paper towel in one long sheet, and theyve never moved it, or chewed on the ends. Their toys dont have marks on them. The preening toys are never pulled apart. Ive seen them put their mouths on them, rarely, though.

Again, I see them pecking at box flaps or items when they are out of the cage and exploring (not chewing, more like examining or playing). But they usually are more interested in trying to peck at any of their food that's made it onto the (wood) floor.
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