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Re: How long should i hand fed my 3 months old BLUE-NAPED PARROT?

Quote: Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
Although this forum doesn't support the selling or buying of young unweaned parrots to the inexperienced. It's a fact of life & is going on all over the world. It's i practice i HATE but that said you can't shut the gate after the horse has bolted so we have to do our best to help these people that find themselves in this situation.

I am hoping that the OP will do everything right to raise these 2 chicks to be strong & healthy.
yes, exactly.. that is what i am doing..

that is why i am HERE ASKING because i am interested to take care of them..

do you guys think those who are already pro in hand rearing chicks did not started like me before?

with no idea about doing what they do but they know they want it to?

do you think they already knew by nature how to raise one? well if they were raised by birds i bet they do..

so please..

i am just asking, i know the dangers, but i am interested.. and i am willing to do it, i have dedication in what i do...
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