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Re: Do you ever wear earplugs?

I only have cockatiels and they don't chirp/scream for very long just a few minutes in the morning and at night. I am at work during the day.

Sounds to me like you have a very SPOILED bird, nothing wrong with that except that it presents a problem in that they constantly want you to entertain them, and it sounds like he is not used to being by himself or playing independently. It's very important to teach our birds to play by themselves and entertain themselves otherwise you get this constant screaming that doesn't seem to end.

I also agree with cutting back on fruits and grains as it gives them more energy and should only be given to breeders who are raising chicks, otherwise it can give them a lot of excess energy that they feel they need to expel with screaming.

Training him to play by himself (without your interaction or having him on you) a couple hours a day and a change in diet to more veggies and less fruit would most likely be the cure for his screaming. Get him a play stand with fun things to do on it, toys to shred and rope to swing on, and leave him there for a designated time every day for a couple hours. He needs to learn that being by himself is okay.
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