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Re: Do your Bourke's chew?

Quote: Originally Posted by buurd View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Rozalka View Post
I do simillar but also strew with grit. My Bourkes draw out the paper and chew it. I forgot about it but this is the only way of chewing atm.
I sometimes see some chew marks but it's nearly nothing. Present only in the paper. In the past my dad was chasing them for chewing the armchair. I still don't know why they used to like chew it (there were chew marks)
Ellen just recently mentioned that it's not safe to put absorbent or paper material anywhere they can chew it, in this post:
A shameful question...

My birds came with oyster grit in one feeder dish.
I had read another opinion that paper is safe
Sorry for my English (I learn here )
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