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Re: Socializing & Training

I think spring hormones have started at our household. First we thought the parakeet was perhaps dying. She's fairly old and her mate just died...nope she has once again found a toy suitable enough for egg laying. The cage is practically bare because of how often she egg lays...anything and everything will work for her.

George has also had a rough 3 days lately. He has minimal interest in target training, he seems very pegged, tense, and high strung. He's also gone into shredder mode. His toys, curtains, and blankets are not safe. Even removing them from his sight doesn't work...he finds them. Cleaning his cage today was a challenge. He came down to watch me then hissed and barked at me. I finally barked back at him and said beat it...he left me alone after that but still was angry. He's now aggressively attacking a dog kong on top of his cage.

At least he's working through some of his fruastrations. I'm opting to give him space while he's working through this. When he becomes to destructive its back to the cage he goes for a little quiet time.

On the bright side I did find a food he enjoys...cooked carrots with apple slices. He usually ends up wearing most of it which is comical.
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