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Re: Do you ever wear earplugs?

I have 4 conures and weirdly they are (apparently) really quiet and don't usually start screaming and keep screaming. In fact they never do that. To be fair none of my birds talk or say words so I think it's a double edge sword in that respect. I have never punished for screaming but I have also never accidentally encouraged it either. if they are screaming for no reason (or mostly no reason) I have and do ignore it and it usually stops in a few minutes and then I'll go over and say "good boy/girl" ect. I have a theory on why they don't talk...Ollie, the flock leader has never even hinted at wanting or being able to talk and I think the other ones follow his no talking rule when at home. Finley will occasionally try to talk when in the car or not at home i.e. not around Ollie. Thanks Ollie...
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