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Pet Psychic Experience

I have to run this by you, friends. I really do. Sorry for the long read.
Okay, I'm well-known for my superstitions and belief in magical foolishness, but this may be... over the top. A lifelong friend has utilized 'pet psychics' and 'animal communicators' for ages with her dogs. I'm too cheap (and, I guess, still a little too cynical to spring for it) but she was recently insistent to the point of gifting me a 'session' (for the Rickeybird) with her latest favorite, whom she swears is the best ever. I resisted as long as I could, but... yep, I did it.
The results were provided via 'transcript' of the 'remote' session/conversation with the Rb. The report I received was beautifully written, comprehensive, professional. I'm very glad I did it. The findings were truly helpful, inspiring, reassuring, very enjoyable, but... hey... maybe predictable for an intuitive, intelligent student of animal behavior.
But there was this one thing. Here we go.
One of the psychic's routine offerings is to tell the person what the animal has named that owner. This name is said to be a mystical, meta-language, essence-ethereal thing. Well, of course, everybody knows that the Rb clearly calls me GAIL... summons me thus, demands services thus, yells thus into my face when offering regurgitation. Captured many times on video.
But wait, there's more.
The transcript reported that the Rb has given me his personal name of "Pretty Poppy".
For years, Kirby (my ol' man) and my closest 4-5 friends/family have heard the Rb SCREAM "Pretty Puppy" at me when he feels threatened or challenged... when they get too close to me (the Rb allows no touching!)... or when he is getting ready to bite me for inattention. That's what we ASSUMED he was trying to say. The Rb knows the word "pretty" and there are lots of dogs in our group, we figured, so he must have picked up "puppy", and then must have just jumbled the words together, as parrots do, sometimes, buttt...
When I shared this finding with these individuals, they all just about passed out. And they are all absolute skeptics and realists. Friends, the Rb IS saying PRETTY POPPY. And in a seemingly purposeful way.
Most of my friends/family have talked themselves out of taking this seriously, several days later.
I am absolutely POSITIVE that I have never written/posted about "Pretty Puppy" anywhere online, nor have I talked about it with ANYBODY other than the very few who have heard it for themselves.
I have begun asking the Rb, "am I your Pretty Poppy?" I will get this on video... but he replies with his version of my obnoxious giggle, head bobs, giggles, more giggles, again, again...
So there you go.
I can give you the psychic's website, privately, if you want it.
Have any of you had similar experiences? What do you think?
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