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Re: Pet Psychic Experience

I think it could be real (crazy as it sounds). I have had many odd experiences myself and I think certain people are sensitive....(and I am a very "show me the proof" kind of gal). When I was a kid (6 years old),I had a dream that my hamster drown in a sump pump 2 states away--I didn't even know what a sump-pump was, or that the neighbors watching my pet had one. I woke up at my granmother's house,walked to breakfast and said, "Cherrio is dead, isn't he?" My mom protested and looked really disturbed when I began to cry and insisted that she wasn't being honest--apparently, about 1-2 hours earlier, she had gotten the call saying that he was dead (I was sleeping 2 floors away in the attic and I was totally alone, so I couldn't have heard it and he did drown in a sump-pump..In my dream, I just knew that he ran out of air and fought a lot to survive). I also dreamed that my fish died (without showing symptoms)...and when I woke up, he was dead....Mind you, nothing had precipitated that would have led me to believe that anything could or would go wrong. It was totally random and totally accurate. These weird premonitions all happened before I was 8 and they were right every time...Oh- and then in highschool, I knew our dog had bone cancer (again, no real symptoms). This saga has continued with people and it is very odd (thankfully, my batting average is closer to 80% with people, which is a relief)..Such a creepy kid! (ugh!!!) poor parents. It isn't like I am a psychic, but if I can pick up on things like that, surely there are professionals out there who can do it better.

I know that sounds crazy, but seriously, there must have been something that I picked up on...There are likely people out there who are A) psychic or B) in-tune enough with animals that you may as well call them psychic...Then there are the quacks, but at the end of the day, if what they say is meaningful, then why not?

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