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Re: Do your Bourke's chew?

I think she was commenting more on th e absorbaent type fillings you find in commercial puppy training pads. BUt kitchen paper towels are touted for being absorbent, too.

I did read that bourkies do better on a flat floor surface, rather than a cage floor. But my birds spend most of their day perched, and not walking back and forth in their cage. They go down there when there is food there, to throw around foraging items, or to perch on the side of a bowl or item. They spend more time walking around on the hardwood floors, outside of their cage. But again, outside of the cage, they spend most of their time perching on stuff.

I honestly dont know if having a cage bottom is good for them because they dont seem to be as dexterous as other parrots, who can climb, and I am afraid that they might get their foot caught in the cage bottom when they have a night fright, which they also seem more prone to, than other parrots.
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