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Re: Pet Psychic Experience

I love you gail but this kind of thing ....well look you didn't have to pay for it and I'm glad you enjoyed it. But don't spend any of your hard earned money on it please.

Please continue to be cheap and make wonderful artworks. Theres all sorts of videos of how people hot read and cold read and maybe your bird made a sound to the psychic and it's not even pretty poppy it's pretty bird or whatever.

Just .....don't spend your money on it.... unless you want to do it over email in that case my two female conures will converse with the spirits and rb ....just send me your credit card info and they will only bill you 29.99 a month for everything you want to know.....

I know that seems's the same thing the psychic is doing......

Psychics are fun I admit, I've had me palm read, but it's not real. It's an indulgence like horoscopes.

Part of being a member of parrot forums is 1st looking after the parrots and 2nd looking after the owners, so I won't hold back in stating this is bad science.

trust your bird over the psychic.
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